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March 25, 2004
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Awailago by Tigoatilla Awailago by Tigoatilla

This beast, which I made up when I was 12 years old, remained nameless until a week ago. My sister said "A while ago", and I was grinning because it sounded like the name of some exotic animal. So here's that animal!

Other than the background being too damn light, I like this pic. It's hard to tell but the male has a white face while the female's is pale grey. So far, I can't think of any biological reason why there'd be armored scutes on the back besides looking cool. I did make doodles last night on them curling up but it looked a bit awkward because of the long legs. Maybe they sleep curled up at night.

*sighs* I wish you could see the real version. The subtle shading on the light parts is much clearer and more solid looking.
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LupineGamer Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Those big eye indicate that they can be nocturnal
Mel-the-Hybrid Mar 27, 2004
They're rather cute looking. I like how its colored and everything. Nice job, you got some nice artistic talent there. :)
your little critters are very cute, looks like they either have armour on or are demonic

very nice
Armored. They're just innocent wild animals who freak out if a piece of paper flows in front of them, so they're not demonic ;)
These are very cute and I do not see a problem with the background.... it looks like a brightly lit desert type landscape. As for the back armor, perhaps they have something that hunts them that is specialized to go after the spine somehow? There are hunters here on earth that try to bite through the spine for a quick kill......
I remember the keese, yeah, something like that might work..... a lightly built preditor that could be easily injured in a fight and so goes for the quick knockdown by cutting the spine.

I do not picture them just curling up though (not enough armor for that), they are built like runners to my eye and those horns could be bad news for someone, not to mention those toe claws. I more picture them running away if they can but if they are cornered they would go down hard. And heaven help anything that got between a momma and her baby......
That's funny, because I had an idea of an aerial predator earlier. Something like the keese from Zelda, this bird like things with huge ass beaks who dove down and bugged you. The need to curl up would be a natural reflex for the babies whose armour hardens shortly after birth (yeah, my spelling of armour switches off from american to the other version depending on my typing mood). Perhaps a defense mechanism when a terrestrial predator is hunting them would be to jump straight in the air and curl up.
Awesome name! Hehe. Your coloring job is sweet, too.
halmtier Mar 25, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. It's like one is looking into a mirror at the other.
I like!
I guess that would explain their expressions ;).
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